XIXO BLOCKCHAIN ​​BANK (XBANK) is a component of the XIXO ecosystem with the initial goal of creating liquidity and a decentralized bank providing services for real estate, construction and industrial activities. ; XBank was established and functionally designed in the direction of decentralized and centralized financial utility for this particular activity, which can be called the digital bank of decentralized ledgers.

XBANK is an “amphibian” bank that converts intermediary and aggregate services between Fiat and Crypto; as we see assets and productive resources moving from centralized ledger storage to decentralized (CeFi – Xbank – DeFi); This process is inevitable but inherited and has a transition and adaptation process, which helps production and business not be broken or disturbed. In addition, Xbank allows hundreds of millions of people around the world to use the bank’s services anytime, anywhere.

TKX is the “personal” element of Xbank, the core system, the raw material, the “currency” unit, the intermediate digital asset for all XBANK’s activities. More specifically, TKX denotes multi-function as “money”, “security asset”, “distributed ledger signature” of the global community. Mission: With the development of XBank, XIXO always upholds the viewpoint of applying science and technology and the wide recognition of the community with a new challenge and new idea in line with modern trends; pure desire to make life better, more equal through technology and consensus, taking risks to demonstrate what people can do based on creativity, pioneering technology and community strength. It can be said that the Xbank Project is a community project, for the community and by the community, especially the Real Estate, Construction and Industry community in Vietnam in particular and globally in general.

More information about Xbank on the website: xbank247.com. 

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