In the dark pandemic picture, the era of Digital Economy 4.0 like a bright pearl to help countries get ready to bounce back, and Vietnam recorded impressive growth in the ASEAN region, especially in the field of real estate.

When the economy is gradually shifting to the “new normal”, the “underground wave” of real estate has begun to pour into the provinces and cities, central real estate is no longer the only option. The attraction of real estate has never stopped. Especially in the new era of the digital age, accessing real estate projects is easier than ever thanks to the digital convergence with core elements such as artificial intelligence (AI). , connection of things – Internet of Things (IoT), big data (Big Data), Blockchain, etc. Technology application is an inevitable trend in the real estate industry, from providing visual project information to connecting buyers and sellers, helping to enhance the transparency of market information when all information of the investor is publicly available for customers to easily verify and compare.


Objectively, the real estate market is struggling in the old vicious circle, encountering various problems due to its specificity:

First, the location, immovability and uniqueness of real estate has created difficulties for the real estate industry to rise up and develop strongly. Especially, in the context of the pandemic, the location is revealed more clearly when it is difficult for us to move to the place to consider, make investment decisions and do the transfer procedures.

Second, products and services in construction and real estate activities are unfinished and prolonged, with low liquidity. Along with that, the legal regulations are complicated, the documents are numerous and highly specialized, requiring large financial resources and resources as well as a certain understanding. Many people want to try their hand at real estate investment, but their finances are tight.

Third, there are only 02 sources of revenue and profit arising from traditional real estate: Increased profit from the completion of real estate products; Profit from the increase in real estate prices.

Facing the above problems, XLAND was born – with the mission to solve the weaknesses of traditional real estate, create liquidity using a decentralized platform, and provide superior solutions:

XLAND digitizes real estate and combines services regardless of location. Simultaneously visualize using virtual reality (VR) technology so that people can still clearly see and get all the information related to a particular property without going to the place. Turn the real estate sector into “Global Supply, Local Service”.

We build the process and digitize the process in conjunction with the fulfillment center and the business-specific payment process by digital technology with operations such as: Advance, guaranteed payment, signing fund, drip, smart contract…

Especially XLAND generates up to 04 sources of revenue and profit with real estate for you with increased profits from the completion of physical real estate products; profit from increases in the price of physical real estate; profits from the rental and trading of physical real estate; profits from the increase in real estate derivatives prices.


XLand will initially solve the difficult problems of traditional real estate, make real estate investment easier, simpler and faster than ever, and aim to become a digital technology platform for operations. Self-operated real estate or virtual universe platform. Xland differentiates projects on the market by converging real estate derivatives exchanges with the application of modern blockchain technology for management and security.

Business models and products are also diversified by physical real estate projects. Total supply is expected to reach 51,010,000,000 XLAs to be issued in 5 years from 2021 to 2025. In which, 15% of profits will be used to buy XLA and burn to increase XLA value. Thus, the value Xland brings will increase gradually with the development stage.

At Xland, we aim for a self-operated platform, creating opportunities for all organizations and individuals to digitize and list real estate tokens, freely transfer peer-to-peer on financial platforms and ecosystems. XIXO.

5 years, the journey to become Metaverse – the virtual universe platform will not be far away. With a team of enthusiastic and experienced leaders, Xland will jointly bring investors to become special and achieve success