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|Mini game | Awesome Video – Get a huge Airdrop

📣📣📣 Alo Alo Alo 📣📣📣

In harmony with the attractive TKX and XBA Airdrop program until the end of September 29, 2021, XIXO continues to organize a mini game program with “non-mini” awards.

❌❌ Minigame is for all members of the XIXO community with content about the ongoing AIRDROP program.

🔺 Rules:

– Record a video about XIXO Ecosystem’s ongoing AIRDROP TKX and XBA program and post it to your YouTube channel.

– Fill in the information to participate in the program according to the following form of instructions:

– Spreading for people to see, like and comment on shared videos

🌻🌻 Mini game will find out which members have the most subscribed videos with the most viewers as of 20:00 on September 29, 2021 to award attractive rewards:

– 01 First Prize: For video with the most views: 50,000 TKX

– 01 Second prize: For videos with 2nd view count: 20,000 TKX

– 01 Third Prize: For videos with 3rd view count: 10,000 TKX

– 10 Incentive Awards: For videos with more than 1,000 views: 1,000 TKX per block of 1000 views but no more than 3,000 TKX (If there are more than 10 videos with over 1,000 views, XIXO will choose the 10 videos with the largest number of views.)

💯💯💯 This is a special gift XIXO sent to the members who have always followed and interested in the programs of XIXO Ecosystem. Join now 🔥🔥

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