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Xbank aims at a decentralized financial model, where all members can be members of the founder community and receive benefits from financial services from XBank. So how attractive are the benefits of CORE – FOUNDER at XBank? Receive a fixed dividend of 20% of the XBA amount within 5 years, receive a bonus on New […]


At XBank, what are the attractive benefits of Validator? When you own from 5000 XBA in an accounting period and keep it continuously for a quarter of the year (from 0h0p0s of the first day to 23h59p of the last day of the quarter), that’s when you have become a Validator – Validator XBank’s official […]


Sincerely members, Information about TKX listing LBank – Top 30 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap statistics, which are making the community seething in recent days, XIXO would like to inform our members: “TKX OFFICIALLY LISTING ON LBANK” ⏰Time: 21:00 (UTC+8), October 21, 2021. Listing TKX event information on LBANK: Token Name: […]

|Mini game | Awesome Video – Get a huge Airdrop

📣📣📣 Alo Alo Alo 📣📣📣 In harmony with the attractive TKX and XBA Airdrop program until the end of September 29, 2021, XIXO continues to organize a mini game program with “non-mini” awards. ❌❌ Minigame is for all members of the XIXO community with content about the ongoing AIRDROP program. 🔺 Rules: – Record a […]

Real estate moves 4.0 to adapt during the pandemic

The technologies of the 4.0 revolution such as virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, Blockchain, 3D printing… are changing the face and the way the real estate, construction, and industry operate. Under the impact of Covid-19 and breakthrough solutions from startups and big companies, this field is changing very quickly.  Livestream to sell real estate The […]

A “click” in Hanoi to build villas and resorts in Ca Mau, Phu Quoc

Revolution 4.0 promotes a breakthrough for the entire real estate market. Along with that, smart applications are introduced into the real estate sector as an inevitable trend to stimulate real estate growth and create attractiveness for the market through real estate development and investment model’s new products.  In the world, investment in proptech (technology in […]

Proptech: Slow because too specific

The value based on the location of the real estate, the complicated legal procedures, and the unclear construction and operation process is the three factors that are slowing down the real estate sector in digital transformation, according to Mr. Chu Quang Thai – digital asset project development specialist, in charge of the Southern office of […]

Digital transformation of real estate: Slow because too specific

The application of technology and digital transformation in the real estate and construction industry is assessed by experts as slow compared to other industries. Vietnamese people still have the habit of touching real estate with their hands and having black ink and white paper. According to Mr. Chu Quang Thai – Digital asset project development […]